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What is cognos bi?

iBM Cognos Business Intelligence is an incorporated business insight suite that gives a wide scope of usefulness to enable you to comprehend your association’s information. Everybody in your association can utilize IBM Cognos BI to see or make business reports, dissect information, and screen occasions and measurements so they can settle on viable business choices.

IBM Cognos BI coordinates the accompanying business knowledge exercises in a single Web-based arrangement. Before you use IBM Cognos BI, you ought to see how every one of the segments that make up the IBM Cognos BI UIs can enable you to carry out your responsibility.

IBM Cognos Connection

IBM Cognos Connection is the Web gateway for IBM Cognos Business Intelligence. It is the beginning stage to get to your BI data and the usefulness of IBM Cognos BI.

IBM Cognos Insight

In IBM Cognos Insight, you can investigate information, investigate situations, and impact choices by making individual or oversaw workspaces. Utilize these intelligent workspaces to impart results to supervisors. Since Cognos Insight bolsters compose back, you can likewise utilize these workspaces to accumulate and merge the board targets, duties, and gauges.

IBM Cognos Workspace

In IBM Cognos Workspace, you can make complex intuitive workspaces utilizing IBM Cognos content, just as outside information sources, for example, TM1 Websheets and CubeViews, as per your particular data needs. You can view and open most loved workspaces and reports, control the substance in the workspaces, and email your workspaces. You can likewise utilize remarks, exercises and social programming, for example, IBM Connections for shared basic leadership.

IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced

With IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced, you can perform propelled information investigation and creator straightforward reports.

  • IBM Cognos Report Studio

  • IBM Cognos Event Studio

  • IBM Cognos Metric Studio

IBM Cognos for Microsoft Office

When you use IBM Cognos for Microsoft Office, you can work with secure IBM Cognos Business Intelligence content in your natural Microsoft Office condition.

  • IBM Cognos Query Studio

  • IBM Cognos Analysis Studio

  • IBM Cognos Transformer

IBM Cognos Transformer is a multi-dimensional information demonstrating segment intended for use with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence.

How IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Works

When you see or make a report, you are seeing information that is put away in your association’s databases. The accompanying graph clarifies the means that are associated with utilizing IBM Cognos Business Intelligence.

Review and Organizing Content

When you view and run a report, scorecard, or operator, the data that you see originates from information sources, the bundle, estimations, different properties included by the creator, and from IBM Cognos Business Intelligence itself.

Organization of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence chairmen guarantee that IBM Cognos BI runs easily and at its ideal execution.

The IBM Cognos Software Development Kit

The IBM Cognos Software Development Kit gives a stage free mechanization interface for working with IBM Cognos BI administrations and segments.

Coordinating with Other IBM Cognos Products

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence is completely coordinated with other IBM Cognos items so your business knowledge abilities can develop with your requirements.

Building IBM Cognos business knowledge applications

You utilize the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence segments to assemble announcing and examination applications.


  • Achieve all your data dependably and rapidly

  • Convey a total, steady perspective of your business

  • Cost-successfully scale as client networks and information volumes develop

  • Adjust to change with an adaptable framework

ACG can help with your Cognos BI needs. We give administrations amid all periods of the undertaking lifecycle. Regardless of whether you are searching for help with establishments, designs, server execution tuning, or demonstrating for an information distribution center venture or a direct RDBMS/ERP announcing framework, we are here to help.


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