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What is IBM Integration Bus?

IBM® Integration Bus, otherwise called ‘IIB’ is a market-driving venture benefit transport (ESB) that offers a quick, straightforward route for frameworks and applications to speak with one another. Therefore, it can enable you to accomplish business esteem, decrease IT intricacy and set aside some cash.

IBM Integration Bus bolsters a scope of reconciliation decisions, aptitudes and interfaces to streamline the benefit of existing innovation speculations. It gives the capacity to perform business exchange checking and is an imperative stage for the API economy and investigation. IBM Integration Bus empowers you to interface existing frameworks to portable and cloud situations, helping you make a half breed joining stage.

What are the advantages of IBM Integration Bus?

Use hearty capacities to deliver various incorporation prerequisites to address the issues of any size task.

Help your whole association settle on more intelligent business choices by giving fast access, perceivability and power over information as it moves through your business applications and frameworks.

Associate all through a variety of heterogeneous applications and web administrations, evacuating the requirement for complex point-to-point network.

Give broad help to Microsoft applications and administrations to capitalize on your current Microsoft .NET aptitudes and programming speculation.

Convey an institutionalized, streamlined and adaptable incorporation establishment to help you all the more rapidly and effectively bolster business needs and scale with business development.

 Product editions

IBM Integration Bus Standard:

Most suitable option for those that have a broad set of connectivity requirements who do not need to scale.

IBM Integration Bus Advanced:

Most suitable option if you want high performance with the broadest range of applications and data, manage large volumes of business critical traffic and want the most flexibile capabilities in managing your data.

IBM Integration Bus ON Could:

Available ‘On-Demand’ which provides flexibility for short-term workloads, a ‘Subscription’ option designed for enterprises to be the best price for committed usage, and available as a trial to deploy an integration solution for free for 30 days.

Standout features of IBM® Integration Bus include:

A simple web-based interface

Quickly get started with IBM Integration Bus with a radically simplified single package installation and improved support for unit test.

Simplify administration of IBM Integration Bus by using an improved web browser user interface, which includes new capabilities for deployment, creating, editing and attaching policy documents.

Reuse common resources, such as message models, subflows, Java and ESQL code in shared libraries that lead to significant memory improvements.

Extend the reach of the IBM Integration Bus with file, database and security enhancements.

Smarter interactions

Import and convert existing IBM WebSphere® Enterprise Service Bus integration assets so they can run on IBM Integration Bus.

Flexibly interact with IBM WebSphere MQ by using connection policies.

Use IBM Integration Bus without installing IBM WebSphere MQ.

Share product extensions with the integration community, including an enhanced explorer configured to access a GitHub repository of IBM Integration Bus patterns.

Customised to meet business needs

Rapidly create REST APIs and use new, graphical data mapper capabilities for the transformation of unmodeled data structures, such as JSON messages.

Integrate publish-subscribe-based applications using MQ Telemetry Transport messages.

Easily transform and model data structures with multiple new Graphical Data Map and Data Format Description Language (DFDL) features.

Create new application connectors and use them to easily create user-defined nodes.

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