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How do I learn SAP?

How to learn SAP for nothing? It is a decent inquiry and everybody who needs to discover a vocation in SAP world ought to make this inquiry before thinking about any paid preparing openings. The official method for learning SAP will be SAP instructional classes given by SAP Education (a division of SAP that is in charge of preparing and affirmation).

Be that as it may, these courses are very costly and not every person can manage the cost of them. Obviously there are less expensive options – non-official SAP preparing organizations that give SAP preparing to littler cost. There are two issues with non-official SAP preparing suppliers: (1) they are as yet costly, (2) there is a high possibility of experiencing a misrepresentation establishment that gives low quality preparing. All in all, in the event that you chose that official preparing from SAP or from outsider establishment isn’t your thing, than what you ought to do?

Step by step instructions to Learn SAP

How to learn SAP for nothing? Gee… Actually, there are numerous choices and we will think about every one of them in a different segment.

You ought to comprehend that since you don’t pay anyone for directing the preparation, you should be truly trained and decided in sorting out the learning procedure and accomplishing your objectives on the grounds that there will be no educator or instructor who could support and propel you.



There are a million sites that are centered around SAP. The issue is that it is elusive a decent presentation for individuals who have zero information of SAP and it is elusive an intelligent presentation where one idea expands on the following (instructional courses we referenced before all else are better for this reason). Normally, the accompanying rundown of SAP sites isn’t finished, however in any event we endeavored to incorporate all the most prevalent. It is pleasant to refresh this rundown on the off chance that you folks can compose your most loved sites in the remarks area.

  • General review of SAP ERP modules

  • The most broad presentation (Wikipedia joins)

  • Official SAP sites with documentation

  • the contend SAP documentation, be that as it may, by one way or another hard to get a handle on

  • SAP people group site and SAP discussions

  • extensive SAP discussion, which is directed by SAP representatives

  • SAP client bunches for different districts of the world

  • SAP area of the immense IT-related discussion

  • SAP related gathering

  • another SAP related gathering

interpersonal organization for experts, which has many SAP gatherings and networks

it is a smart thought to pursue #SAP hash tag and other individuals who tweet about SAP, you can likewise tail us:

our Facebook gathering, in the event of some unforeseen issue

OpenSAP – Open online courses conveyed by SAP. The possibility of the site is extraordinary yet it is adapted towards experienced SAP experts that just need to stay aware of the most recent item refreshes and new highlights of SAP program. On the off chance that you are a finished tenderfoot to SAP, it may be hard to comprehend these courses.


Despite the fact that books are not free, contrasting with the expense of SAP preparing, their cost is unimportant. Additionally, you can utilize them later on for reference too. On our site there is exceptional segment where great SAP books are gathered and checked on. Albeit now we just have SAP SD books, SAP FI books and SAP MM books, our gathering will extend sooner rather than later.

By and large, it is conceivable to discover a method for how to learn sap for nothing, without putting a fortune into SAP preparing. We will proceed with distribution of helpful assets that give data pretty much all perspectives around SAP. This article is just start


Other than hypothetical information you likewise need to rehearse with genuine SAP frameworks. Tragically, it is absurd to expect to introduce SAP on a customary PC since this framework has high equipment prerequisites. Additionally, you have to take care about costly programming licenses. The uplifting news are that you can get to SAP remote servers (running SAP IDES) for a month to month expense from various organizations that offer access to SAP ERP servers with some example business information. While their administrations are not free, you without a doubt can discover some cash to pay for them (they are not very costly) and do some training in sensible SAP situations! You can discover our audits of the organizations offering access to SAP servers here: SAP IDES get to.

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