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Pondering about what SAP HANA is and what you can realize in it?

In this article we will give you a concise outline of SAP HANA and what you can realize in it.

SAP HANA is an In-Memory, Columnar Database and Application Development Platform from SAP which can be conveyed on-introduce or in cloud.


  • The unadulterated in-memory innovation enables business to investigate/dissect their information in sub seconds.

  • Backings for continuous investigation over the frameworks.

  • Backings continuous information replication from various source frameworks.

  • Gives more tightly joining SAP BOBI (Business Objects and Business Intelligence).

  • It has SQL and MDX availability to help outsider apparatuses combination.

  • In-manufactured web server (XS Server) kills the need extra web server for online application.

  • Single overshadowing stage for Administration, Modeling and Development.

  • Every one of the models made are virtual and executed the business rationale amid run time.

  • SAP HANA can be utilized to as database stage for SAP ERP (S4 HANA) and SAP BW (SAP BW on HANA) to use leaving scene.


Most much of the time made inquiries by individuals who simply caught wind of SAP HANA:

What are the pre-imperatives to learn SAP HANA?

To be explicit there are no pre-essentials to gain SAP HANA separated from your enthusiasm to learn innovation. The other thing that separates pre-imperatives is the territory you need to learn in SAP HANA.



SAP HANA as a stage can be classified into three noteworthy regions for an individual to take a shot at, in particular:


  • Chairman: An overseer is in charge of SAP HANA Database Installation and Configuration, Database Maintenance, Monitoring, Backup and Restore and User Management.

  • Modeler: A modeler ought to have thought regarding diverse information provisioning systems accessible to convey information from various sources to SAP HANA, fabricate data models (displaying objects) in view of business necessities, Performance tuning, Data Security, Different Reporting devices that can interface with SAP HANA and significantly more.

  • Application Developer: An application engineer will chip away at programming dialects like Java Script, JQuery, HTML and different dialects to assemble web applications that keeps running on SAP HANA Database stage.


What would i be able to learn in SAP HANA?

  • You can learn one of the three regions to be specific Administration, Modeling and Development.


Do I require information on ABAP?

  • A bit much except if you are going to chip away at SAP ERP on HANA (S/4 HANA) or SAP BW on HANA where you would compose ABAP programs in ERP or BW framework.


Do I require learning on SAP BW, SAP BOBI and SAP Data Services?

  • Allows take a gander at one by one.


SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW):


  • It is a Data Warehousing arrangement from SAP BW and gives total information warehousing answer for clients whose business is running on SAP frameworks like ERP, CRM.

  • In the event that you have BW information, it will be straightforward article names and displaying ideas in SAP HANA. SAP BW information is required in the event that you are going to deal with SAP BW on HANA framework.


SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence (SAP BOBI):

  • It is a venture revealing arrangement stack that can be utilized to make reports against any source framework. You needn’t bother with SAP BOBI information to learn SAP HANA.


SAP Data Services (SAP DS):

  • It is an ETL apparatus from SAP and used to extricate, change and load information from various source frameworks to SAP HANA in bunch. You needn’t bother with SAP Data Services information to learn SAP HANA.

I am from programming foundation (Java, JQuery, PHP and HTML), Can I learn SAP HANA?

  • The best territory that suits for you is Development. You can utilize SAP HANA Studio which is an obscuration based condition to construct web applications on SAP HANA.

I have SQL and PL SQL information, would i be able to learn SAP HANA?

  • The best region would demonstrate as you as of now have SQL and PL SQL learning. On the off chance that you can invest little energy in picking up demonstrating ideas in SAP HANA and diverse displaying items and check whether you can adapt either SAP Data Services or SAP BOBI to make profile considerably more grounded.

I have information/dealing with Database (Oracle, MS SQL, DB2), Can I learn SAP HANA?

  • The best wager for you is Modeling or on the off chance that you are originating from database organization foundation, Administration.


How to get SAP HANA Certification?

  • You can compose affirmation by booking opening in There certain pre-essentials to take SAP HANA Certification:

  • You ought to have taken SAP HANA preparing from either SAP or their guaranteed sellers.

  • Or

  • You ought to present a letter from your organization expressing you have min half year work involvement on SAP HANA.

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